Moving Home

Home Styling is preparing your property for sale in order to attract the broadest market and securing the highest possible selling price .  Home Styling is an investment, which combined with good marketing by your Estate Agent together with a realistic selling price should make you more money.   A small investment should lead to a faster sale and a greater chance of achieving near the asking price.
I view the house from a fresh perspective and through a buyer’s eyes.  I am non-judgmental and practical, I will advise on changes that can be made to create the maximum impact. 
From the simple things such as deep clean, depersonalizing the space, change of lighting, removing the clutter , furniture layout to recommendations on more of an investment such as change of decoration and work with the best features of the house.

Finishing touches ensure your property is perfectly presented and market ready.
Free initial telephone conversation followed by a Home Consultation to view the home and make recommendations.  Time – approximately two hours.  This is followed by a Selling Report giving my recommendations - £150.
If the home owner is making more complicated changes such as outsourcing cleaners/decorators etc., I can formulate an Action Plan Report scheduling the work and recommendations (£200).
I also offer a Hands On Service where I help you make the changes.   4 Hours (1/2 day ) is £100 and 7 hours (full day) is £150.

I am so grateful to have met Heidi.  She has saved me hours of arguing with my daughter about tidying her bedroom.  Heidi came over a few weeks ago and helped my daughter organise her room in a way that makes sense to her.  Now she is able to keep her room tidy way more than before! Thanks.