About Me And My Services

My name is Heidi Chaplin I love to sort and organise spaces. I am the oldest of three, and my Mum was a childminder to my seven younger cousins and at various times, other children.  No guesses as to the one left putting all the toys away in the playroom each night. For fun I could be caught tidying my bookshelf or rearranging my jumper drawer and I regularly changed the furniture layout in my room.

As an adult, I have helped so many friends and family declutter or to move home, so offering my services to others seemed a natural progression. 


Decluttering and Reorganising   

Would you like an ordered wardrobe system where you can see all the clothes you love to wear and feel good in?

Would you like every room in your house to be ordered and have a proper function?  

Would you like a well ordered garage or shed and only have things you find to be useful or that you love?

Would you like to be on top of your children's growing needs.  Clothes, books, toys -  Is the storage in their room bursting and just not doing the job? 

Imagine not being at logger heads with your teenager as their room is organised in such a way that they can understand and that they can keep (relatively) tidy.

Moving Home

The majority of people cannot see past other people’s furniture and possessions when they view a house. Despite an abundance of home design programmes, they cannot visualize their belongings in your home and how it would work for them.
By decluttering and clearing the space before the house is put on the market will stand you in a much better position of getting a buyer quicker as they can see themselves living in the space more easily.  The photos of your home will also look more attractive online as this is where the majority of buyers look before they view.
By sorting the clutter in your home and only taking the things you love and need to your new home, you will save money and time in the long run.

Downsizing, House Clearance

If you are planning to downsize and move to a much smaller property it can be hard to identify the things that will fit into your new home without you feeling overwhelmed.  The prospect of sorting through a life times possessions can be very daunting.  We offer a flexible service to help assist and can help you sort though your possessions as well as the practicalities of moving such as finding a removal company, helping plan what to take and arranging removal of unwanted items.  We can help source skips if required and arrange for charity collections as well as recommend storage facilities. 

I will help you declutter and organise your home and make life easier.   When you go through the decluttering process, I often find clients feel energised and inspired to tackle other projects. The hardest part is just getting started! I am non-judgmental, calm, confidential and love to help and make a difference.

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful"
William Morris (1834 – 1896)
 Clear clutter - make space for you.
Magdelena Vandenberg